Zip Files With Password

Encrypted Files Search 1.2

Encrypted Files Search 1.2: Locate encrypted zip files and pgp disks with Encrypted Files Search files you should find it within over thousands of different zip files. With Encrypted Files Search you can find any zip file, which has a password and any PGP disk on you local machine. Supported file formats: Zip files (with password and hidden); PGP disks (with password and hidden); Benefits of Encrypted Files Searcher - Ability to find any encrypted zip file (zip file with password) or PGP disks; - Ability to find hidden zip files and PGP disks

Ace Zip 3.2: Zip,unzip and create self-extracting files. Password functionality supported.
Ace Zip 3.2

Ace Zip can Zip,unzip files and create self-extracting EXE files. You can unzip files with password protection. Create self-extracting EXE files with password protection also. You can select an exe file run after the self-extracting EXE file run.

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JvCrypt 1.0: Protect your files and messages with powerful encryption.
JvCrypt 1.0

files, zip the files, encrypt the zip files and finally remove the non-encrypted files after the encrypted file has been created all in one step! (3) Decrypt encrypted zip files. Decrypt an encrypted zip file with ONLY the password that was used to create the encrypted zip file. Encrypted zip files will all have a file extension of .enz and only JvCrypt will be able to decrypt such files (assuming you have the correct password). (4) Encrypt/Decrypt

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zip repair utility 6.0.1: Zip repair tool repair corrupt damaged zip files that will not open and extract
zip repair utility 6.0.1

Zip files quickly. Zip Repair Features- What to do if your zip files are damaged? Repair Damaged Zip Files • Zip file repair tool recover and restore files from corrupt Zip files quickly and easily. • Professional Zip file repair zip data recovery software extract your pictures images document files from corrupt Zip files. • Repairs all sub-types of .zip files that are password protected, from WinZip 8.1 to WinZip 14. • Zip repair software

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Repair ZIP files Tool 6.0.1: Zip Repair Recovery Software repairs and recovers corrupted .zip files
Repair ZIP files Tool 6.0.1

zip files and restores the corrupted zip file. zip repair software extracts files from corrupted Zip archives. Zip Recovery Software or Zip Repair Tool for Windows XP can also repair and restore password protected Zip files WinZip 5.0 to WinZip 8.0. Zip File Recovery tool for Zip recovery to repair corrupt zip file, extract zip files and open zip files. Zip repair software is competent enough to repair corrupt Zip files after almost all corruption

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Zip Files Repair 6.0.1: Zip repair software winzip file recovery tool repairs fix corrupt Zip files
Zip Files Repair 6.0.1

zip file recovery tool repairs fix corrupt damaged Zip files recovers data like images pictures music files from corrupted zip files. Professional Zip File Repair Software can recover password protected zip files. Zip repair tool easily repairs corrupt Zip files after almost all corruption cases, like, broken downloads, CRC errors, incomplete download, virus hits, file system damage errors. Zip Repair and Recovery Software is compatible with Windows

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Zip repair for windows 7 6.0.1: Zip repair software repairs fix corrupt damaged zip files, Repair damaged ZIP
Zip repair for windows 7 6.0.1

Zip archives .zip created by WinZip, RAR, 7-Zip, InfoZip, PKWARE Zip etc. • ZIP Repair Tool to Recover Files from Corrupt ZIP File repair corrupt ZIP file and to extract files from corrupt ZIP files created using WinZip. • Zip Repair Tool recovers data from ZIP archives and it allows them to easily fix zip files. • Free ZIP Repair Software Program works with password-protected files and repair damaged zip files and extract zipped files. •

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